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It’s okay to ask for help

5 Towns Support Centre is a non-profit making charity and was founded by Priscilla Homes. We support the local community with help and guidance.

We cater for all, from children, young people, and their families – CYPMHS, with the principles of the THRIVE model, to the more mature.

If you are feeling lonely or are struggling to deal with life’s hurdles, pick up the phone and call us, email us or pop in, we are here to help – Its ok to ask for help.

Message from Founder

With working in Number 1 Healthcare I always felt I could do more to support our local community.

I feel that everyone deserves care and support.

We are living in a time where it is crucial how we care and support for our fellow human beings. I decided that we could help with this care and support and created 5 Towns Support Centre.

It is my privilege to be able to offer support and an understanding to all that need it.

I am delighted to see the journey of our users, from their first sessions with us, discovering their options and then seeing them on a brighter path in life.

If you are having issues, please feel free to call us on 07378959191 to arrange your free support.

I wish you all the very best.

Priscilla Holmes


After being street homeless for two years and fighting depression, anxiety and Obsessive-compulsive disorders leading to suicide attempts I was introduced to the centre I have been coming now for four months and seeing different therapists. They are down to earth and make you feel comfortable and relaxed. I am not a people person and find social situation uncomfortable and I panic but I don’t feel like that there, they look after me everyone is happy and nice to me, I feel wanted and I have never felt wanted before. I have Talking Therapy session twice a week and it has helped me, this has helped me through my Mental Illness and supported me on good days and bad, They have helped me with my benefits and also set up my housing application with the council they even did the forms for my bus pass I have never been so looked after I enjoy going to the centre I look forward to it and sometimes even if I don’t have an appointment I will pop in and say hello to everyone they will make me a cup of tea and I will sit and, they make time for me. If you need help or support, you should go to the centre they will look after you there not like the other places that can’t wait to get rid of you.

Mr T Charles
Training and Qualifications

We have sourced many vocational courses, and work together with DWP, in offering a route to a qualification and job placement for all ages and all experiences.