I just wanted to drop you an email regarding our earlier telephone conversation about the Carers you had provided to us today.
I wanted to start by saying how amazing they have been today- Petrica and Edrissa.
We unfortunately had an incident which required them to perform CPR. Both were amazing and we could not have asked for anything else from either of them; they are both truly outstanding carers and we would love for them to be recognised for it.

Ashleigh Bray

Care home in Huddersfield

Thank you for your help, I know I contacted you last minute, but you came up trumps and the guy was great at his job.


Selby Care Home Manager

I want to pass on the grateful thanks of Miss P.  A long-term resident with us – she felt wonderfully looked after by K, your senior care worker.  Please let him know he did a great job.

Wakefield Support House

“…Wow I didn’t think some people cares about me so much ,I only thought only Jesus cares for me not knowing some people of God also love me so much. Thanks so much for your love and cares. God bless us all🙏🙏😃😃”



“I would like to say tell to all your staff  thanks for everything.  I celebrate one year with your company today. To be honest you are like my family whatever i need i asked you and you accept my request like my mom and dad”

I can say so much more,  but i don’t have enough words to explain

I wish for all of you GOD bless you,  I love you  and big thank you


Healthcare assistant

I have received some good feedback from our unit manager for two of your staff.

They have been fantastic, shown initiative and been hard working.  They are also great with all of the residents

Business Manager Crown Care Group

I have been fortunate in meeting lots of lovely people from lots of different backgrounds. There are some beautiful care homes situated in beautiful surroundings. Working for Number 1 Healthcare has given me the opportunity to help and support care homes across Yorkshire.


I didn’t realise that you had staff shuttles to make sure your staff turned up on time and refreshed.  As you know we are in the countryside away from public transport – so its even difficult for our permanent house staff to get here on a Sunday.  Thank you for the support, you make my job easier.


York Care Home Manager

The staff shuttle is a great idea – the driver collects me from my home and takes me straight to the client – no waiting for buses and I feel relaxed going to work – the free water is also very much appreciated.


Senior Healthcare Assistant

The recruitment method you took me on was long, but I understand the need for a strong process.  It was all worth it in the end.  Thank you for the opportunity.

Health Care Assistant